OnlineVideos - ABC iView
Broken 03.10.2017 18:20 URLs do not work for any content in this portal
Fixed 12.03.2017 06:48 Even better fix. No more use of a TV feed and the background thread. Stream is available from ProgramData if we send ?device=hbb
Fixed 29.01.2017 05:18 Fixed. Found a Samsung TV Feed and refactored code. Still need to support F4M manifest files so no unmetered or HD content yet.
ConfirmedBroken 29.01.2017 01:58 Need to rework to play F4M manifest files. Good thing is that this will allow unmetered playback for those who have that option.
Broken 29.01.2017 01:55 ABC no longer has TV Feed - reoworking (dcapslock)
Broken 13.03.2016 14:34 All videos. .Unable to play video.No URL
Broken 16.07.2015 15:02 All videos give no url error
Broken 24.04.2015 14:31 no data error on all vids
Broken 05.03.2015 23:10 Always gives NODATA error
Broken 01.11.2014 05:55 Trying to play video crashes MP with latest MP/LAV/O
Broken 10.06.2013 07:10 Fails to retrive URLs
Broken 03.02.2013 09:27 not playing or downloading
Broken 08.01.2012 21:49 reports no video url
Broken 11.06.2011 04:09 No URL reported for all vids
Broken 07.06.2011 02:52 All videos report "No URL"