OnlineVideos - Amazon Prime Uk
Broken 02.05.2015 17:34 error getting playback urls
Broken 05.04.2015 10:33 Amazon Prime - videos listed but wont play.
Broken 04.04.2015 14:35 Hi, AMAZON DE doesn't work any more :-(
Suggestion 28.12.2014 12:57 Is it possible to add streams from this website http://www.npo.nl/live to the plugin? if possieble can you give me a hint how to. Best Regards, Pieter van Oord p.v.oord@wxs.nl
Suggestion 03.11.2014 21:36 Hi, I was looking for a plugin for amazon prime instant video germany and it seems that there is nothing available. I have some skills at scripting and html, etc so i though i would be able to get something to work with your parser/script/whatsoeveritscalled for amazon uk as template. I didn't find useful information in the OV forum and i hope you can help me get this thing started. thanks in advance yahoodee (forum nick) / yahoodee@gmx.de