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Broken 23.10.2018 17:56 Error getting dynamic categories
Broken 20.10.2018 22:53 error getting dynamic categories
Broken 09.12.2017 09:58 Videos won't start playing
Broken 19.08.2017 17:22 dynanmic categories when selecting season
Broken 01.06.2017 20:00 dynamic categories are broken
Broken 01.06.2017 14:22 All programs lead to "you might be interested" instead of episode listing
Broken 08.03.2017 16:26 Error getting dynamic categories
Broken 17.09.2016 15:59 Plays only few minutes and then stops.
Broken 02.05.2016 22:32 Online Videos does not list any content from ruutu.fi anymore. All categories except "All programs" are empty. Also episodes are not listed when a program is seleted from "All programs" category. These issues might be because of some ruutu.fi site changes (not sure).
Broken 13.12.2015 09:03 Only buffering 0% is shown
Broken 06.10.2015 17:33 sub category index of by one
Broken 05.09.2015 10:42 dont show any programs
Broken 04.09.2015 06:43 Ruutu.fi isn't working. Message: "Error getting dynamic categories". Log: "System.NullReferenceException".
Broken 23.01.2015 19:47 Ruutu.fi is only showing "no videos" when trying to play a video
Broken 02.03.2013 22:37 Can't get subcategories.
ConfirmedBroken 01.01.2013 23:24 no categories.
Broken 26.06.2011 17:40 videos not found